The Game

Feeding Frenzy is a platform game for two to six players. As a player, you control a dwarf, whose only purpose is to survive longer than the other dwarves. You survive by collecting various types of food, spread out through the level, and delivering them to your home. This increases your life meter, which otherwise slowly decreases; when the meter reaches zero, you have lost. When there is only one player left alive, that player has won the game. If there are no surviving players, the one with the highest score wins.


Every dwarf has a bag on its back that can contain food. Once in a while, pieces of food will appear in the playfield; these can be picked up by walking over them. There are a few ways of losing the collected food:

There are six types of food spread through the playfield: bananas, oranges, peppers, cherries, cucumbers and pumpkins. Normally, these always act the same, but there are special powerups that give each of these a unique characteristic.


When a player collects a lightning bolt, he/she gets powerupped food. This means that during a short time (about 15 seconds) food that is thrown gets special powers. The type of power depends on the type of food: