We are proud to present our first release of Feeding Frenzy! For now, Feeding Frenzy is only available for *nix platforms, and only those that have a version of SDL available. A port to OSX is in the planning stages.

Note to Windows users: The above means that Feeding Frenzy will not work on your Windows PC! Your best bet of getting Feeding Frenzy working on your PC would be to install Debian GNU/Linux on it.

Available for download here are the tarball (SDL, SDL_ttf and SDL_mixer needed for compiling) and the i386 Debian package.



Feeding Frenzy! is not officially in Debian yet. To be able to apt-get the unofficial package for Sid, add the following file to your /etc/apt/sources.list: <pre>deb luon-sid main</pre> or for Etch: <pre>deb luon-etch main</pre> and then apt-get the ffrenzy package to keep track of Feeding Frenzy! with Debian.


For an up-to-date Subversion version visit the Feeding Frenzy Subversion repository or check out a snapshot of trunk using the following command: <pre>svn co http:/// ffrenzy